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→ Alan Westley
→ Twenty Eight
→ Human
→ Demolition Expert Aboard the Persephone
Chaotic Evil
Click Click Boom - Saliva 

“so just sit back and relax and let me have your head for a minute”

It’s not a matter of pyromania - sure fire is nice, but it’s the boom that makes Alan grin; it’s the sound of shattering glass, and the scent of hot metal. It’s the way he holds the power in his hands; a tiny little block of C4, and he can create an explosion that rocks people to their fucking cores. The fear in their eyes feeds the fire in his stomach; that need to destroy. 

Childhood wasn’t picture perfect, but Alan was too busy blowing up squirrels to care about the fact his mother was a whore and his father was an abusive asshole. Sure, he got beat on every once and a while, but Alan just sat there laughing as his father dropped the punches. Pain only made him stronger, it was a state of mind, it didn’t exist if he didn’t want it to. Alan endured the abuse as a boy, but there was only so much shit the kid was willing to take before he decided to take the reins.

At fourteen, he decided enough was enough; mom and dad had their chances at redeeming themselves, but they were lowlifes not worth the air they were breathing. Having many years of experimentation under his belt, Alan took to being a bit creative. After breaking into a local construction facility, Alan got a hold of a few chemicals, some cybernetics, and a few fancy toys to play with. There was a particularly vicious fight that led to Alan blowing his parents house sky high - while they were sleeping inside it, but he’s not really fond of talking about it. Being that he loved watching his work, Alan was a little too close during the explosion, and managed to lose a bit of hearing, and get a few pieces of metal stuck in his face - but hey, scars are sexy.

The obsession with things going boom only got worse from there - his criminal activity got a bit more intense, and eventually he was caught. For something stupid; stealing alcohol… Of course, being that he was a bit of a genius when it come to making explosives, Alan didn’t stick around prison for long - only three months and he managed to escape. Using a cigarette, a lighter, and some cleaning chemicals he managed to snag from a janitor, he blew a hole in the side of the prison and killed about fifteen people. Oh well, no big deal in his books.

With heat on his heals, Alan was running wild trying to get away from the law. Luckily, he found a home with Killian’s crew shortly after his daring escape. Captain Flynn had heard about the little explosion obsessed boy and happily took him aboard - eager to see just what this kid could do. Having a demolition expert on hand could be a good thing, able to break into buildings a whole lot easier. Though, Alan isn’t exactly fond of the no killing rules - he sticks to them. He’s more than happy to get onto the Elysium, knowing it’s stocked full of things he could use for explosives. He doesn’t care that there are people stranded, and he knows if these bitches get in his way, he’ll make them vanish - Captains orders or not.

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→ Soria Lambert
→ Twenty Four
→ Human
→ Resident Genius Aboard the Persephone
Chaotic Good
Eileen - The Hush Sound

"How I’d love to go swim with you in death, but my heavy heart won’t let me tread."

Saying goodbye was the hardest thing she’d ever do, and the only thing she’d ever regret. Watching the only person she’d ever loved lose himself in a pit she couldn’t pull him out of. He was the first person she ever watched die, and the only death that would ever stick in her heart like a knife. Even all these years later, she lays sleepless at night, knowing there was more she could have done.

As a young girl, Soria was always the outcast - born into a family of five boys, a military father and a strong, independent mother, Soria never fit the bill. The girl always preferred to have her nose in a book, rather than being out on the practice mats with the other Lambert kids. Of course, this was a complete disappointment to her family, which always left her feeling unloved. No matter, though, she had her books to carry her through the hard times. Tales of worlds she could only wish to explore, meeting creatures that no longer existed. Her world was one of fantasy and beauty; which no one seemed to understand - and then she met Noah.

Noah was the light of her life; the placeholder that kept her from turning the pages too quickly, the boy that sat beside her and listened to the facts she could ramble off. Their relationship bloomed quickly, and by the end of the summer she’d met him in, they were hopelessly in love. Only fourteen, and she’d met the boy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. By seventeen, they’d run off together, he was working a job to support them, she spent her days volunteering with the underprivileged children, reading to them.

Life wasn’t perfect, but it was beautiful - so she thought. But then she found the drugs; she watched Noah plunge himself into a world of pain and destruction. The more she begged him to stop, the more he seemed to do. It was a losing battle that she wasn’t willing to fight anymore. After a year of pleading with her lover, enough was enough, and Soria ran. It wasn’t easy, and she didn’t feel good about it - only six months and the guilt got the best of her; running away from the man she loved, when he needed her most. Unfortunately, when she came back, it was too late.

The image of her lover dead in the tub is burned into her brain, she can’t seem to shake the sight of it. She closes her eyes, and all she can hear is him calling out for her - begging for her help; help she wasn’t willing to give. After his death, Soria managed to find solace with a group of scavengers leaving the planet. Able to rhyme of facts that she thought she’d never need, they welcomed her aboard as one of their own. Now, under the lead of Captain Flynn, she does as he asks - knowing how to do most anything he could request of her. The thought of this newest mission worries her, though - she’s all for scavenging, but dishing out drugs? She’s not so sure about this one.

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→ Calliope Sumner
→ Twenty Six
→ Halitian
→ Medic
Chaotic Neutral
The Mission - Puscifer

"It’s all fire and brimstone baby, so let’s go outside. It’s all fire and brimstone baby, I got my brand new pistol baby."

Halitia, a large planet that breeds some of the universes most brilliant minds. Lovers, not fighters - the majority of the Halitian people are medics and scientists; they have no military and rely on the human alliance to protect them from potential threats. The Halitian people bleed antiseptic goo, their saliva has a numbing agent, and they cry pure water; with steady hands and cat-like reflexes, they’re the perfect healing machines. At least, they’re supposed to be. 

As a child, Calliope was told what she would be a doctor - just like her brother, just like her mother, just like her father. But unlike her family, she wasn’t raised on Halitia, she wasn’t surrounded by a sterile world that bred the idea of healing into your mind - she grew up on earth, watching the battles, watching people sell drugs, watching cruel minds do as they please, and not care for others. Of course, this was no matter to Calliope; she was meant to be a doctor, she had no mind to disobey her parents.

The curiosity of the world would suck her in year by year; corrupting her desire to heal, and insetting a deep need to know what it was like to kill, what it was like to take life rather than give it. Calliope, as a child, ignored the desires, the calling of the flesh. School was a breeze, she barely needed to pay attention to the dribble that the human schools taught. Silly earth people, teaching things she was born with the knowledge of. Of course, this made her a bit high and mighty when it came to interaction with kids her age.

By university, she was no better - looking down on most of those around her, Calliope was a complete snob, and her interest in death was growing by the day. After graduation from a Military university, she enlisted as a medic, knowing she’d likely have to spend more time around the dead than the living. Of course, she doesn’t aim to kill the innocent; but she doesn’t want to be this healer, she wants to cause the damage, she wants to fight alongside the men and women of the Military, not heal their little wounds…

When she was assigned to the Elysium mission, she could do nothing but roll her eyes and sigh at the idea of it. Probably a bunch of morons that needed her to bleed on them. Christ, she hated her “gifts” more often than not. Well, after the few week she quickly realized this mission would be much different than the ones she’d been on previously. When Captain Jamison went mad, she was the one that managed to lock them up in the Brig. Now, she’s taken it upon herself to wield a gun, try and give orders - even if no one listens. This - this whole waving a plasma rifle around… This she likes.

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